Helpful Hotkeys

Helpful Hotkeys

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Ever forget a hotkey or wanted to discover ones you didn’t know about, well here you go.

Windows 10

On Windows 10, it brought plenty of new features, some of which enthusiasts like myself had to create such as the Linux-inspired Virtual Desktop. But never mind all of that, let’s get to the cheat sheet!

Please note, that some applications you’ve installed may override the base functionality listed below. For more hotkeys, check out the official docs.

WinKey + CTRL + DCreate a new Virtual Desktop
WinKey + CTRL + RIGHTSwitch to the Virtual Desktop on the Right
WinKey + CTRL + LeftSwitch to the Virtual Desktop on the Left
WinKey + CTRL + F4Close current virtual desktop. Moving opened windows to the VD on the left.
WinKey + AOpen Action Center on the right
WinKey + BHighlights “Show Hidden Icons” in the System Tray
WinKey + COpen Cortana
WinKey + DToggle display and hiding of the Desktop (minimizes and restores opened windows).
WinKey + EOpen Windows Explorer
WinKey + FOpen Feedback Hub and takes a screen shot (yawn…)
WinKey + GOpens Xbox Game Bar (when a game is opened)
WinKey + HUse dictation (speech to text); Share content (if supported by active app)
WinKey + IOpen Settings
WinKey + JSet focus to a Windows top when available
WinKey + KOpens Konnect to wireless (Bluetooth) devices
WinKey + LLock the computer
WinKey + MMinimize all windows. Similar to Win+D, but does not restore.
WinKey + NOpen notification center and calendar (if available)
WinKey + OLock device’s orientation
WinKey + POpens “Project” monitor to Extend to, Duplicate monitor, or use only 2nd monitor screen.
WinKey + QOpen search using Cortana
WinKey + ROpens Run dialog
WinKey + SOpen Search
WinKey + THighlights Taskbar icon. Press again for the next one
WinKey + UOpens Settings window
WinKey + VOpens Clipboard History
WinKey + WOpens Whiteboard
WinKey + XOpen Admin Menu in the bottom-left
(Alt: Right-click Windows symbol)
WinKey + YSwitch input beween Windows Mixed Reality and your desktop
(when available)
WinKey + ZOpen the snap layouts
WinKey + . (period)
WinKey + ; (semicolon)
Open emoji panel
WinKey + , (comma)Peek desktop
WinKey + TabOpens Task View
Alt + EscCycle through windows in the order they were opened
Alt + TabSwitch task to the next app.
Alt + F4Close the active item, or exit the active app.
Ctrl + Alt + TabCycle between opened apps
Ctrl + EscOpen Start menu
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task manager
Shift + F10Performs a Right-Click (or left-click for lefties)
Display shortcut menu for the selected item
PrintScnPrint Screen! (aka: screenshot of all monitors)
Alt + PrintScnScreenshot of the active window
Windows 10 Hot Keys