Damian Suess

Welcome to

Suess Labs

Xeno Innovations’ Suess Labs skunkworks is here to
share my consulting experiences and lessons learned with you.
Let’s learn something exciting together!
Topics include: C#, MAUI, Prism.Avalonia, Firmware Engineering, and MORE!

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Topics to be covered will mostly be C#, Xamarin, and Arduino. That’s not all of course!
Might take a break from time to time to some breakdowns and network protocols.

Up and coming articles

Oh yes, there’s a backlog of articles based on my GitHub to write! With a packed schedule of daytime coding for pharmacy robots and tinkering with the Fung Ku Fit prototype (yes, that’s the in-house name), the weekend is the time to sit down, write, and share.

Topics will cover, network security, reverse engineering and protection, optimize your code, and “How we built it”. That’s right, we’ll break down some of our prototypes and production apps to show you how it’s done.