You might be a seasoned coder or someone who would like to learn more. There’s so much I have to share from over the years of crunching code and so little time to type it all up to post it. From humble beginnings of basement coding as a kid to running my own medical software business and now coding for the man.

Hi, I’m Damian, and I spend my daytime cranking out code for medical robots and dev consulting for fun. For years I’ve been an advocate for mobile-first with Xamarin building cross-platform apps using C# for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Things I’ve Made

Started off as a young teen making network penetration tools to help you secure your systems to consulting and enterprise software. There are always new challenges with each and every project.

Physical Rehabilitation Software

FASTdx – is among the many acronyms it went under – assisted patients to reach maximum medical improvement through physical evaluations.

Support and Privacy

SuessLabs respects your privacy and does not employ trackers or sell your information to 3rd parties. Why? It’s nasty when websites profit off of selling your data for scummy practices. Enjoy the content!