Picking a microSD Card

Updated: 2021-06-19 Like some of you, I don’t buy a new SD (secure digital) card every other week. So, when it comes to purchasing time how do you know you’re getting the right tool for the job? There are tons of wordy articles out there, so we’ll get to the point! Please note, this article is a quick assist guide on microSD cards and not the other SD card variants. For more in depth, check out the official documentation. Choose the Right Tool For the Job When picking a card always do it with a purpose in mind. The average…

Which Programming Language to Learn

“Which language should I learn?” is a frequent question I get asked by non-coders wanting to learn or ones who haven’t coded in a while. More often than not it’s because they have a great idea for something they want to make, or just want to automate some repetitious tasks. Perhaps, you just got out of high school or college with proficiency in Java or Python and want to make an app. Though they’re viable options, they are not always the best choice. My friend/co-worker would say C++… for everything. What? NO! There is no golden arrow for solving every…

Unit Testing Events with Timeouts

Ever need to perform a unit test on and want to timeout while waiting for an event? Doing a quick google search for, “C# unit test timeout waiting for event” yields interesting mixed results. Here are a few different methods for completing such a task. Method 1 – Task.WhenAny The following uses the System.Threadding.Task.WhenAny method wrapped inside of our async method, WaitUntil(..). Th Method 2 – Synchronous ManualResetEvent Slightly different implementation without the use of Tasks. Method 3 – TaskCompletionSource Method 4 – Task.WhenAny Asyncronyously awaiting Task.WhenAny allows you to provide a delay as you can see below.