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Visual Studio Linux Debugger

The VS Linux Debugger is an open-source tool created to assist with remotely deploying and debugging your Linux applications from Visual Studio 2022. Check it out on the Microsoft Marketplace or GitHub. To get started using it today it’s as easy as 1-2-3.. or perhaps, 2-3 Overview Before getting started, it is recommended to ensure your system has the latest updates. These steps have been tested against Ubuntu 20.04 LTE and 22.04 LTE. Though this project supports everywhere that .NET (Core) is supported, this section outlines steps for Ubuntu 22.04 LTE. It’s recommended to use the official Microsoft Install .NET…

Unit Testing Events with Timeouts

Ever need to perform a unit test on and want to timeout while waiting for an event? Doing a quick google search for, “C# unit test timeout waiting for event” yields interesting mixed results. Here are a few different methods for completing such a task. Method 1 – Task.WhenAny The following uses the System.Threadding.Task.WhenAny method wrapped inside of our async method, WaitUntil(..). Th Method 2 – Synchronous ManualResetEvent Slightly different implementation without the use of Tasks. Method 3 – TaskCompletionSource Method 4 – Task.WhenAny Asyncronyously awaiting Task.WhenAny allows you to provide a delay as you can see below.